A Video Invitation 

You – as a manager, medical doctor, medical nurse, professional or academic – are aware that language is as important as any other professional skill.

We listen, explain and correct you. Personal Phrasebook for your assignment available. We support your EU reference frame certificate A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1.

Questions are the Mother of Communication (USP)
You’ll learn to ask and answer. You’ll communicate right from day one onwards.

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René Scholz is a German lecturer at ISM International School of Management, Frankfurt.
VAT exempt due to §4 USt. Units are 2 x 45 minutes. Online material is free of charge.

“Structured learning at your own pace. Wunderbar!”
“I am good, because my teacher is good.”
“It’s simple, it’s logic and it’s easy to understand. With your help it’s really easy to learn German.” Names withheld for data security reasons.

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