German for Managers

You need to learn German. You need it fast, fluent and flawless.
It is your personal choice to learn German, you are fully committed and you are in a position to allow enough time to pursue your goal.

. One-to-one or in-class tuition
. Time and place of your choice incl. online
. Personal Phrasebook incl. grammar

Welcome to Germany
If need be we address topics such as Education, Health Insurance, Housing, Starts-Ups, the Tax and Customs office, resp., and Work.

Your trainer is a multi-lingual German native speaker with years of teaching experience in business, academia, and in private. He served as a lecturer at ISM International School of Management, Frankfurt campus

Certificates are important. Regrettably, they are of limited use.

Memory is paramount

So you’ve got a B1 language certificate, but you can’t talk? For more watch this: