German for Managers

You need to learn German. You need it fast, fluent and flawless.
It is your personal choice to learn German, you are fully committed and you in a position to allow enough time to pursue your goal.

. One-to-one or in-class tuition
. Time and place of your choice; Skype®, MS® teams Zoom®
. Personal Phrasebook incl. grammar

Welcome to Germany
This service addresses topics such as the Customs Office, Education, Health Insurance, Housing, Starts-Ups, the Tax office, and Work.

Your trainer is a multi-lingual German native speaker with thousands
of hours of teaching experience in business, academia, and in private. He is a lecturer at ISM International School of Management, Frankfurt campus

Certificates are important. Regrettably, they are of limited use.

Memory is paramount

So you’ve got a B1 language certificate, but you can’t talk? For more watch this: